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Welcome to Vinari OS, a visionary project that emerged in late 2015, dedicated to crafting a delightful and user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution. Developed and maintained by the talented team at VINARI SOFTWARE, Vinari OS embodies the essence of convenience while staying true to the principles of open-source software. Our mission is simple: to create a compelling alternative to both Microsoft Windows and macOS, providing a stable, secure, and stunning experience for those seeking to embrace GNU/Linux in their daily computing journey.

At the heart of Vinari OS lies the powerful Linux kernel and the essential VINARI SOFTWARE & GNU core utilities, forming the backbone of a free, secure, and robust operating system. We understand the importance of compatibility, and that's why Vinari OS is built on the solid foundation of Debian stable. Additionally, we empower users with the versatile Flatpak package manager, ensuring seamless installation of a wide range of applications with utmost convenience and security.

Unlike the sea of Linux distributions that cater to specific niches, Vinari OS takes a different approach. We strive to be the ultimate choice for the average computer user who craves a seamless experience while accomplishing everyday tasks like document editing, web browsing, music streaming, and even retro gaming through emulators. We also understand the needs of developers, so Vinari OS comes equipped with powerful tools like the GNU C and C++ compiler, Python 3, and Ruby, right out of the box, making it the perfect playground for web development and scripting enthusiasts.

In essence, Vinari OS is the epitome of accessibility and elegance in the Linux universe. Embracing a beautiful and intuitive interface, we are incredibly proud to announce that terminal emulators are optional for new Vinari OS users. However, for those who prefer the command-line prowess, Vinari OS includes a handpicked selection of popular and robust commands, such as Links, Cmus, Nano, Emacs, Cat, Wget, Awk, and more. To add to the convenience, we've thoughtfully crafted a collection of useful scripts, designed specifically for Vinari OS, to streamline repetitive tasks and enhance productivity.

Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what it means to use a computer with Vinari OS. Experience the perfect blend of freedom and convenience, brought to you with passion and dedication by VINARI SOFTWARE.

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